Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Presents!

This year I made a few Amigurumis for some special people! Catwoman and her cats (Ebony and Ivory? Midnight and Snowy? Blacky and Whitey?) based on the Darwyn Cooke Catwoman was made for... Darwyn and his gal, Marsha. Catwoman's whip is her belt and it can be removed for capturing criminals.

Spidey was made for the brilliant and wonderful Cal Johnston of Strange Adventures. If you're ever in Halifax with a hankerin' for some comic bookin' go to Strange Adventures. Cal and the kids who work there are incredibly friendly and they know their stuff. 
p.s. I also made one for myself because I love Spidey.

Batman was made for Rachelle of Living Between Wednesdays. Check out Rachell's blog for her reaction to the doll. I'm not entirely happy with Batman's bat-symbol but it was the best I could do. I thought stitching the bat would be easier than it was. 

Princess Christi of Princess Planet was made for my good friend Brian. He's also a fan of sock monkeys so I threw one in as a leg humper so Princess Christi wouldn't get lonely. 

Mother Mary, Joseph and Baby were made for my Grandma. She's the only member of my family to get a crochet doll for Christmas. These were made small and stitched all-together because Grandma hasn't got much room in her apartment. I know it's not historically accurate for Baby Jesus to have a pacifier but, c'mon, it's adorable! Right?

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. 


Nightwing said...

Awesome as ever!!! :P Your friends must be very happy. ;) Happy new year!!!

Gary Ham said...

your sir are a crocheting machine! All so good!

j. said...

Nightwing - Thanks!

Gary - Thanks, man! I wish I were more machine than man. I'd get more work done!


My Crochet Corner said...

HI! If there is any way that I could maybe get a pattern or something for that little batman I would greatly appreciate it. If you could send me an email at