Monday, January 19, 2009

Metamorpho! The Element Man!

Pretty much my favouritest of all the superheroes is Metamorpho, due in large part to his artist Ramona Fradon. I love Ramona's art! I tried to capture the way she drew his face but it was difficult to recreate with yarn. For the most part I like how it all turned out...only his mouth still sticks in my craw as being "off". Ramona had a very distinct way of drawing Rex Mason's mouth and I didn't get it with yarn.

Ah least I've now got my own Metamorpho doll to cuddle up with! 


LTruzzi said...

Dear J.
I simply love your work. I have been following your drawings for years and now, just surprised myself to see this great other talent you have!!
What a gifted person!!!
Congratulations... You have a huge fan in Brazil!


Paul Conrad said...

OH my goodness.... you better keep him under lock and key, that's all i'm gonna say....

j. said...

L Truzzi - Many thanks.

Paul - You know where I live? Are you outside right now? Gadzooks, I'm closing the curtains!


rachelle said...

Eek! So awesome!

That's a superhero that translates very well to the medium of crochet!

j. said...

Rachelle - Have you seen Metamorpho in the new Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon? Gosh, I want to crochet that version now! He looks so cool in that show! Everyone looks cool in that show, really.


Aaron said...

Hey! Stumbled upon this blog by accident having just read some of your Spirit work with Cooke the other day. Great that you like these kind of heroes like Metamorpho and Doom Patrol, I love 'em. Ramona Fradon and Bruno Premiani are both amazing! So much crazy, hilarious fun in those Silver Age comics. Here's to fun comics, and I love your dolls!

Amy Lynn said...

LOVE this face!