Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trio Magnus!

Here are a group of dolls I finished recently for an upcoming art show featuring the super talented artistic trifecta - Trio Magnus. I picked a bunch of characters from among the many canvases the guys created at live art shows. The tallest, the Basket-ball dude (naturally) is about 15inches high. The smallest is this little egg at about 4inches.


Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Even in the creation of these "dolls", your artistic talent shines through. Nice job. - A.

j. said...

Thanks, Alan. I try to interpret the guys' art as closely as possible. The show went well and, I believe, all the Yarnies™ sold. That makes me happy!


Aman Chaudhary said...

I took up knitting recently and find it one of the most enjoyable things ever. The pieces you're making are great! Very inspirational. :)

j. said...

Thanks, Aman. I really enjoy knitting and crochet. It's actually pretty relaxing...unless you drop a stitch.
Are you making clothing when you knit? I have yet to do that, really. Except for the clothes for my, Yarn Sculptures! Or Yarnies™ as my buddy Aaron dubbed them.


Anonymous said...

These dudes are cute tho I don't recognize what they are from! lol

and J I commented on the seamonkey post you had done way back in 2008 so I didnt know if you saw it these guys are sooo adorable too but Im hoping you will see the other post and help me with a pattern or ell me how much one of the seamonkies would be to buy for my pregnant friend. She calls her baby to be her lil seamonkey. lol

j. said...

Zoey - Glad you like these little guys. They're all based on the drawings of three friends of mine! The guys call themselves "Trio Magnus"!

I've got a pattern for general "cute" body types but not specifically for a Sea Monkey. I'm actually hoping to put together a book of patterns soon!

AS for buying one -- are you in Canada? Send me an e-mail at: and we'll, possibly, work something out :)