Sunday, November 9, 2008


All right, this guy is probably one of my favourites ever! Somewhere online I saw someone's Frankenstein creation with an exposable brain. I'd started sketching a Doop doll and just knew that he'd have to have a full on removable blue brain. I don't know why his brain is blue. I don't think his brain is blue in any of the comic books. But MY Doop's brain is blue :)

I made the initial Doop for myself, he being one of my favourite of the newest characters to come along in the past few years. The second Doop was made for the Doc Allred because he wouldn't exist without the brilliance of Mike (and, I'm sure, Peter Milligan too). And the third went to Darwyn Cooke because he and I worked together on the Wolverine/Doop mini-series. I absolutely love the way Darwyn drew Doop.
Construction-wise this was the first character to get fingers. Until now everyone had mitten hands.


chrishaley said...

Geeeeeeez, J.!
Is there anything you can't do?

j. said...

I never really could sing. Or read music. I'm terrible at all sports. I don't care much for public speaking...but I can do it so I guess that doesn't count.