Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kirby's New Gods!

Kalibak was made shortly after Orion. He has so far been the most detailed character and therefore took the longest to make. I aimed for the Kirby Kalibak as seen in the early issues of the New Gods...before he started carrying around his power staff. The sash and gun belt are knitted with crochet elements.
He kind of looks a little like a Klingon.
One of my first Hero characters was Kirby's Orion. Kirby's characters fit perfectly in the world of rounded Amigurumi. However, you do lose the agressive toughness of a Kirby hero when you make him out of yarn.

This is the early Hero body. The later guys are sturdier and thicker around the waist and ankles. Early Hero also has "mitten" hands.

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Anonymous said...

just saw this link on blog@newsarama. ever since a woman I work with showed me Amigurumi stuff, I've been dreaming of a crocheted Darkseid. It's good to see someone's on the case!