Friday, November 21, 2008

I don't own these...

My attempt at a Godzilla doll. Something is lost, to me, when you don't show Godzilla's teeth. If I were to make another I would try to create an open mouth with rows of fangs and a cute little pink tongue. As it is I wanted a cute Godzilla...and added teeth only made him look like a doofus.
I love/hate Elmo. He's really just too adorable to truly dislike. On the other hand the media saturation coupled with the ENDLESS attempts to re-create the Tickle-Me-Elmo phenomenon make me cringe at the sight of him. On the other Other hand, my mom loves Elmo. So for Mother's day I made her my very own Cuddle-Me-Elmo. He doesn't talk or dance or sing or poop...he just sits and smiles.

And occassionally drinks. Can you blame him? He's probably sick of himself, too!


Continually Spicy said...

I like that Godzilla a lot, actually. Was showing your stuff to people at work, and general consesus is you need to try to do a Fin Fang Foom ;) And then maybe Starro :)

j. said...

Spicy - Fin Fang Foom would be fun! I've got the brilliantly Kirby inspired toy of Fin Fang from the Iron Man toy line up on my shelf. I look at it regularly and try to break down the parts needed for a proper crocheted version.

My list of dolls to make grows daily.